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Crane Aerospace & Electronics
(div of Crane Co)
10301 Willows Rd
Redmond, WA 98052
United States

Year Founded: 1999
No. of Employees: 2800
Key Personnel: Dir Bus Dev: Simon Abel
Phone: 425-882-3100
Fax: 425-882-1990

Crane Aerospace & Electronics


Crane Aerospace & Electronics combines the experience of long-time industry leaders to supply critical systems and components to the aerospace and defense markets. Our products are found in some of the most demanding environments, from engines to landing gear, from satellites to medical implants, and from missiles to unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Our Power Solutions product line includes high-density, high-reliability components that are designed for some of the toughest environments including ground based, airborne and space flight. Partner with Crane, your trusted market leader in critical applications. 


Annual Report

All publicly-disclosed financial information is available through Crane Co.

  Annual Report


Crane Aerospace & Electronics introduces its Interpoint® MFK Series 25 watt dc-dc converter. The MFK Series packs up to 25 watts in a 0.6 cubic inch case with up to 87% efficiency. It accepts a wide i... View Product
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Crane Aerospace & Electronics introduces its Interpoint® MFX Series 50 watt dc-dc converter. The newly designed MFX Series provides up to 50 watts in a 0.92 cubic inch case with efficiency over 90%. T... View Product
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Crane Aerospace & Electronics announces a series of enhancements to its popular Interpoint® MTR Series of 30 watt, high reliability dc-dc converters. The MTR 50 provides up to 30 watts in single or du... View Product
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