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Contact Information
Master Bond
154 Hobart St
NJ 07601
United States

Year Founded: 1976
Key Personnel: VP Mktg: James Brenner
Phone: 201-343-8983
Fax: 201-343-2132


Master Bond’s silicones are available in both one part and two part versions that offer the advantageous combination of high temperature resistance and superior flexibility. Our single component systems make processing simple with fast cures at room temperature based on atmospheric humidity. They eliminate complicated mix ratios and bond well to a wide range of substrates, such as: • Metals • Plastics • Glass • Rubbers Two part, addition cured systems are specially designed not to release by-products during curing and do not require exposure to air and humidity for complete cross-linking. Effectively used in a variety of industries, these compounds provide excellent resistance to vibration, shock, impact and corrosion.

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