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Pentek Inc
1 Park Way
Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
United States

Year Founded: 1986
No. of Employees: 100
Key Personnel: Pres: Daniel Shamah
Phone: 201-818-5900
Fax: 201-818-5904

Pentek Inc

Pentek is the leading board and system manufacturer offering COTS and rugged VME, VXS, VPX, PMC/XMC, cPCI, PCI and PCIe products featuring Texas Instruments DSPs, Freescale PowerPC's and the latest Xilinx Virtex FPGAs. Pentek's data acquisition line is extensive and includes A/D's, D/A's, Digital Receivers/Transmitters, Digital I/O and much more. Pentek equips products with high-speed interfaces including Fibre Channel, Serial RapidIO and more.

Pentek, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, was founded in 1986 and is now the premier source for high-speed real-time recording systems and software, digital signal processing (DSP), software radio and data acquisition and I/O products. Our customers enjoy the performance and flexibility afforded by our board and system-level commercial and conduction-cooled product lines and our world-class applications support.

No other DSP vendor can provide such seasoned, in-depth technical expertise in data acquisition, digital signal processing and software radio.

Pentek has been designing and building boards for 25+ years: We understand how these boards are going to be used and have designed them for maximum performance, signal quality, thermal characteristics, cooling, FPGA loading, I/O to and through the boards and for channel synchronization where low phase noise is critical. Competitors often cannot meet their own board specifications and have trouble with noise and overheating.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Data Acquisition and I/O Experts: Starting with our very first products, Pentek engineers have been helping customers solve the toughest design challenges in radar and communications systems. By thoroughly understanding advanced signal theory and real-world system considerations, our experts have spread this knowledge to the embedded computing community through thousands of tutorials, industry articles, techcasts, webcast seminars and technical handbooks targeting the most demanding applications. These same experts help Pentek customers choose the best system architectures for a successful design delivered on time.

Pentek targets the high-end of the market: Virtually all customers push the capabilities to the max so it is extremely important that the board design is optimized for maximum performance. Building a board is one thing, getting it to perform correctly and at peak performance is another, especially if the FPGA is an integral part of the application. Pentek does not dilute our efforts trying to serve multiple markets so end users get higher performance products and superior technical support.

Systems Hardware Prequalification: Pentek has characterized and tested a variety of motherboards, processor boards, RAID controllers, SSDs, etc so that we can recommend the right system hardware from the get go thereby eliminating system and processing bottlenecks and system development time.

FPGAs are fully characterized: Pentek provides detailed information on FPGA utilization and can recommend exactly which FPGA to use on each board based on how much user generated IP will be installed.

GateFlow FPGA Design kit: Allows the user to easily modify, replace and extend the standard factory installed functions in the FPGA and add user generated IP. GateFlow includes VHDL source code and all FPGA project files, which significantly shortens the time for end users to develop customer developed IP installed in the signal path.

FPGA IP development support: Unlimited customer support is provided. All of Pentek's boards use the FPGA as an integral part of the board for moving data and doing signal processing functions. As a result, Pentek is expert at developing IP and using the Xilinx development and debugging software tool sets. This helps new customers through the process, saving time and money.

Technical Support: Pentek offers free, unlimited, lifetime technical support from DSP engineers. Pentek has a dedicated department that only does support. Most of the competition does not, and instead provide very limited support from low level technicians, not DSP engineers. By the very nature of the applications this class board is used for applications that are complicated. Pentek's superior support means customers get their application implemented significantly faster, especially if there is a customer induced software problem that needs debugging. Pentek excels at supporting you until you get your issues resolved. No one else offers this level of support!

Documentation: Pentek's documentation is the best in the industry. Download it and look it over. This level of quality documentation saves an enormous amount of development time.

Startup Time: You can install and use the board immediately by using the ReadyFlow Command Line Interface and Signal Analyzer to display the data without having to do any programming. This saves development time and shortens project start up time.

Quality: Pentek implements the highest quality practices in all operational phases, and is committed to customer satisfaction and on-going improvement. Pentek proudly maintains its ISO 9001:2008 certification.


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