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423 N Campbell Ave
Springfield, MO 65806-1007
United States

Year Founded: 1966
No. of Employees: 600
Phone: 417-866-2322
Fax: 417-866-4115


Manufactures high-reliability power connectors, D-subminiature connectors, rectangular connectors, and circular connectors. Offers many performance options, including mil-spec and space flight. Positronic has supported military electronics for more than 40 years. The company offers customer support through detailed catalogs, easy-to-use website and local technical customer service.

Positronic Products

Positronic's Optik-D™ Series: Low Loss Optical Interconnects for Harsh Environments

The Optik-D™ Series is intended for use in the Combo-D family of connector produ... View Product

Positronic's Cable Assemblies

A cable assembly can be created using a number of different casings—straps, cabl... View Product

Positronic's The Dual Port Connector

The Dual Port series utilizes two D-subminiature connectors, vertically stacked ... View Product

Positronic’s Scorpion Blue Connectors

The Scorpion connector can be configured for use as a power connector, a signal ... View Product

Positronic's Power Connection Systems

PCS series power connectors have been the industry standard for a wide range of ... View Product