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Winchester Systems Inc
101 Billerica Ave
Bldg 5
North Billerica, MA 01862-1271
United States

Year Founded: 1981
No. of Employees: 25
Key Personnel: Sr Dir Federal Sls: Inese Lanka
Phone: 781-265-0200
Fax: 781-265-0201

Winchester Systems Inc

Provides purpose-built disk storage solutions. The company is run by engineers who strive to provide the best price-performance-functionality value in disk storage systems. We manufacture both commercial and COTS-rugged military equipment. Our RAID systems offer both fixed and removable storage options.

Winchester Systems Inc Products

Rugged FlashDisk® ATR Removable Canister RAID Disk Array with 24 SSD Drives

RR1P is perfect for rapid field re-deployment of critical surveillance vehicles.... View Product

Rugged RR2P Removable Canister RAID System with two 10 disk canisters

Transportable data storage for mobile field use aboard planes, ships and ground ... View Product

COTS Rugged FlashDisk RF Field Deployable RAID data storage

COTS Rugged FlashDisk provides protection for ground station RAID data storage n... View Product

COTS Rugged FlashNAS - Field Deployable NAS

COTS Rugged FlashNAS provides protection for ground station NAS needs at a fract... View Product

FS-1700 FlashServer

COTS Rugged high speed server is a perfect complement to our COTS Rugged FlashDi... View Product